Relocation Services

Moving to Tbilisi shouldn’t be a headache. We’ll help you with everything: getting a visa, finding a home, shipping items and even registering with tax authorities.


We Help You Find A Home

Our relocation services include real estate assistance. Here’s how we’ll help you find your new home in Tbilisi:

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Homes selection

Our expat-friendly apartments are carefully selected for their location, facilities and price. We curate the best apartments in the city so you can live in a cozy, comfy place while being close to the shops & services that matter to you.

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Finding your home

We take you on a tour to visit the apartments that match your requirements. We show you around the neighborhood and negotiate with the landlord for you. We handle the contract process and make sure it is legally verified.

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Property research

If you can’t find a home you like in our apartments’ selection, we will look for the right one for you. Just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll find you a home you love.

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It’s free

Our agent services are and will always be free. We are remunerated via agreements with the landlords. Your rent price is NOT influenced by our commissions. By letting us do the work for you, you pay exactly the same price than if you had done it yourself. You’ll even save money by letting us negotiate with the landlord.

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We help you go

Moving abroad requires more than just taking a plane. From the early preparation stages to your first steps in Tbilisi, we help you get everything in order before you arrive in your new home.

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Visa & Permits

Getting the right visa or permit is important to make your life in Georgia hassle-free. We’ll help you go through the paperwork and secure your stay in Georgia.

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Moving and Storage

Moving doesn’t mean you have to abandon all your belongings. We help you choose the right moving company and storing your things safely until you’re finally at home.

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Home Finding

Whether you’re looking for a short-term or long-term solution, we’ll help you find the home you’ll love. We know the housing market like no one else and will deal with the paperwork.

We help you settle in

Moving to Tbilisi is more than just taking a plane. Once you’re here, you’ll have to adapt to the local way of living. That’s why we’re here to ease you in.

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Settling In

We help you register with the tax authorities, get the right banking solutions, finding the right health insurance, buying a car, getting your driver’s license, and find translators and financial advisors.

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Language training

Learning the Georgian language will help you integrate with the locals quicker. It will also help you in many daily life situations. We will help you find the right language class or arrange private tutoring for you.

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Cultural training

Knowing the local etiquette is important while you settle in. We will help you learn the do’s and don’ts of the Georgian culture as well as the local traditions and other peculiarities.

We help you build your life

Planning to stay on the long-term or come with your family? With help you build your new life in Tbilisi.

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School search

In need of a kindergarten, daycare, school or tutor for your children? We help you find the right one for your requirements, wishes and budget.

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Pet relocation

Moving with a pet is not an easy task. We help you with the international regulations, vaccinations and paperwork to bring your pet with you. If you don’t have a pet but would like to have one once you’re here, we will help you make it happen.

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Opening your business

Ready to open your business and start making a living in Georgia independently? We help you opening your business, dealing with the tax authorities and find an accountant, lawyer or other business advisor.

Ready to move?

From finding your dream home to settling in, we help you start your new life in Tbilisi.

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