Area description

Vera is a small district near the Mtkvari river. It is located below Vake and Saburtalo and above Mtatsminda. Vera is a very central point in the city.

Life in Vera

Vera kind of looks like a triangle made of 3 large avenues: Kostava Avenue, Rustaveli Avenue and Zandukeli Avenue. There are lots of restaurants, bars and activities in the area, which has its own cinema and two casinos. It is also the district where several luxury hotels are located (such as the Rooms, Stamba, Radisson Blu and Biltmore hotels). There’s also a park where you can go for a walk.
While Vera is a very central and convenient area, it also has one big problem: because there are so many large avenues in such a small district, the pollution level is one of the highest in the city. There’s also a lot of noise from cars.


The Rustaveli metro station is in the middle of the Vera district. There are also several bus lines. From Vera, you can go to Vake, Mtatsminda, Chugureti and even up to Saburtalo and Sololaki by foot.


There aren’t many schools in the Vera district.

From Kindergarten to High School

There are so little nurseries and schools that you’ll likely have to send your children to another district. There is a bigger choice of schools in Vake, so if you find one that’s not too far, living in Vera can work. Be careful that there is no metro line in Vake and there are lots of traffic jams.

Higher Education

There are 2 higher education institutions in Vera: ISET (the economics branch of Tbilisi State University) and SDSU (San Diego State University), an international American university that does STEM educational programs.


Although it doesn’t have many historic buildings, Vera has its own share of important landmarks:
Rustaveli metro station : Rustaveli is the most emblematic metro station in Tbilisi. It is also the 3d deepest in the world.
Rooms Hotel : The Rooms hotel is known for its exceptional service and beautiful design. Along with Stamba, they’re a sight you can’t miss on Rustaveli Avenue.
Vera park : Vera park is a nice urban park in the middle of the Vera district. It’s a great place to walk your dog or take some fresh air.
Radisson Blu : The Radisson Iveria hotel is a famous landmark in Tbilisi. Just in front of the Rustaveli metro station, it is an unmissable part of the landscape.
Tbilisi Concert Hall : the Philarmony (Concert Hall) is a big round building where concerts and shows are held. There’s also a gym at the top.


Vera is a safe district. It is located right in the center of Tbilisi and policemen patrol the area every day. Underground passages and metro stations are under camera surveillance. There aren’t a lot of stray dogs and they’re very friendly. There’s no problem walking alone or at night.

Restaurants and cafés

There are lots of restaurants in Vera, and especially many upscale ones.

Georgian restaurants

Besides chain restaurants like Khinkali House, Pasanauri and Machakhela, there are several upscale Georgian restaurants, including Keto & Kote, Stamba café, Rooms Kitchen and Iveria Terrace.

International restaurants

There is a respectable choice of international restaurants in Vera.

  • Indian restaurants: Khushi Indian Restaurant, Maharajah
  • Thai restaurant : Mai Thai
  • European restaurant: Cafe Manu
  • American restaurants : PIPES burger joint, Hard Rock Cafe, fast food chains
  • Vegetarian restaurant: hummus bar
  • Upscale international restaurants: Xeme, Filini, Umami

The Wine Factory complex is also a great place to eat, have a drink and hang out. It has several restaurants (Mexican, Georgian, Italian, American, European, …) and bars.

Cafes & Bars

Vera has a great nightlife. There are two streets next to Rustaveli Avenue that are only filled with bars where a lot of young people gather on weekends. There’s also a café/bar that turns into a club every night called Café Gallery. Not far from there, you can also go to Drama Bar, a techno/dance club.
There a few good cafes too. Apart from chain brands like Coffeesta and Luca Polare, you can go to the Iveria café, Althaus or Coffee house.

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