Area description

Vake is considered as the most prestigious neighborhood in Tbilisi. It is one of the most expensive places to live in terms of rent and real estate prices. It extends around one main street that starts near Rustaveli avenue and ends in Vake Park, 2km further.

Life in Vake

There are lots of shops and stores of all kinds, gyms and coworking spaces in the neighborhood. Many expats choose to live there and absolutely love it. There are several parks, a cable car and a lake. It’s a walkable area with large sidewalks. The high-rise buildings are more modern than in other parts of Tbilisi. Vake is a busy neighborhood, but you can easily escape city life by going to Vake Park or Turtle Lake.


Vake has one big downside: it has no metro line. Buses are often overcrowded, and the streets are full of traffic jams so even having a car doesn’t really help. If you’re not planning to leave the district often, you’ll be okay. Otherwise, it’s better to try to live as close to Rustaveli Avenue as possible or choose another district.


Vake is one of the districts with the most international schools in Tbilisi, probably because several embassies are located there.

From Kindergarten to High School

Schools like the Georgian-American School and the French School of the Caucasus are located in the neighborhood. There are several private and public school options, from kindergarten to high school. There are also music and dance schools for children.

Higher Education

The neighborhood is one of the campuses of Ivane Javakhishvili State University or TSU, which offers degrees in medicine, law, natural sciences, social and political sciences, education, psychology, economics and business.


There are a few famous landmarks in Vake:
Vake Park: located at the end of the district, Vake park is a large park with lots of benches, children activities, and even a library. The layout of its statue and fountain reminds of communist urban architecture.
Turtle Lake: Turtle lake is a green and quiet area located on a hill above Vake Park. It is accessible via a cable car that starts at the entrance of the park. It is the perfect place to chill in hot summer days or just to escape the busyness of the city for a few hours. There are also nice hikes to and from Turtle lake.
Chavchavadze Avenue: Ilia Chavchavadze avenue is the largest avenue in Vake, where most of the shops and restaurants are.
Axis Towers: the Axis Towers are two huge glass towers that look like they were designed for Dubai. They can be seen from many places in the area.
Tbilisi Zoo: The zoo of Tbilisi is located halfway between Vake and Saburtalo. Unfortunately, it is not well maintained.


Vake is a safe area. Streets are well-lit and stray dogs are friendly with humans. The people who live there are richer than average so the district is well taken care of. Like everywhere in Tbilisi, there are several police stations and underground passages are under camera surveillance.

Restaurants and cafés

Vake offers a large choice of restaurants of all kinds.

Georgian restaurants

Chain restaurants like Machakhela have a few branches in Vake. Other than that, Tabla and Tsiskvili are the Georgian restaurants we recommend in the area.

International restaurants

Vake is one of the districts with the most international restaurants. Here are a few ones to try:

  • Asian restaurants: Sushi Room, Strada, New Asia
  • American restaurants: Strada, steakhouse n°8, Burger Bar, Ronny’s pizza, fast food chains
  • Lebanese restaurant: Amira

Cafes & Pubs

There are great cafes all over the district: from chain brands like Coffeesta and Luca Polare to more unique ones like Lui Coffee and Skola.
You’ll also find different bars and pubs in the area. It’s not the best neighborhood for going out, but it has a few interesting venues like Backstage 76.

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