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The Sololaki district is the heart of the Old Town. Located between the Mtatsminda and Abanotubani areas, it is one of the most beautiful and unique parts of Tbilisi.

Life in Sololaki

Sololaki is a small district that overlaps with the “Old Tbilisi” area. It is loved by tourists and locals for its historic buildings, beautiful sights and unique small streets.
The district doesn’t have a lot of green spaces, but Mtatsminda park and the botanical garden are located just next to it. The neighborhood is full of tourists, especially on the main streets, and has a lot of bars and restaurants so it’s not always quiet.
Overall, Sololaki is a great district to live in. However, it has three downsides:

  • The nearest middle-size grocery store is the Goodwill in the Galleria Mall, on Liberty square.
  • Accommodation is among the most expensive in the city.
  • Most of the houses haven’t been renovated yet and look very old.


The Liberty square metro station is easily reachable by foot. Depending on where you are in Sololaki, you can also take the metro at the Avlabari station. The Avlabari and Mtatsminda districts are reachable by foot, and there are several bus lines in the area.


Because it is mostly a touristic district, there aren’t many schools in Sololaki.

From Kindergarten to High School

There are no kindergartens in Sololaki. The nearest ones are in the Mtatsminda district. For older children, there is one elementary school (School #6) but the program is only in Georgian.

Higher Education

There aren’t any higher education institutions in Sololaki.


There’s a reason why Sololaki attracts so many tourists. Here are its most famous landmarks.
The Clock Tower: Tbilisi’s puppet theater and clock tower are one of the most visited areas in the city. The area has a lot of character.
Tbilisi’s Old Wall: the Old Wall is an archeological site where the remains of the old city wall have been excavated.
Sioni Cathedral: one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Tbilisi.
Metekhi Square: Metekhi square is the place you’ve probably seen in pictures the most on the Internet. It is at the bottom of the Sololaki hill, in front of Metekhi bridge. From there, you can see the historic and colorful Georgian facades, which are illuminated at night.
The bridge of peace: the bridge of peace is a modern piece of architecture that links Sololaki to Rike park and the Avlabari district. You’ve probably seen it in pictures too.


Sololaki is a safe area. It is lively and there are lots of people outside at every hour. Streets are well-lit and police officers patrol the area every day to regulate traffic and give their help if needed. However, it is recommended to avoid the bars on Shardeni street as well as the “nighclubs” (which are in fact strip clubs) as these places are known for ripping people off.

Restaurants and cafés

You’ll have no problems finding a place to eat in Sololaki. Just make sure to avoid tourist traps.

Georgian restaurants

Because the area attracts a lot of tourists, there are many Georgian restaurants in Sololaki. The best ones are Chashnagiri, Meama and Sakhli #11. Chain restaurants like Pasanauri and Machakhela also have branches in the district.

International restaurants

There are a few good international restaurants in Sololaki:

  • Thai restaurant: Yummy thai restaurant
  • European restaurants: PurPur, MacLaren’s Irish Pub, Josper’s Organic Grill
  • Indian restaurant: Taj Mahal, India Palace
  • Vegetarian restaurants: Leila, Kiwi Vegan Cafe

Cafes & Bars

While there are a few good cafes in Sololaki, the district is mostly known for its great bars. Here are a few of them:
Art-Cafe Home is located on the Sololaki hill and makes great cocktails. The view from the terrace is unforgettable.
Black Dog Bar and Warszawa are European-style bars. MacLaren’s Irish Pub is also a bar loved by expats.
Chacha Time serves a wide variety of Chacha and other mixes.
Acid bar is a calm place to have a drink with friends.

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