Area description

Chugureti is the district located in front of Vera and the Rustaveli metro station, on the other side of the river Mtkvari. Also known as the Marjanishvili area because of the name of its metro station and main square, it is a dynamic and beautiful neighborhood.

Life in Chugureti

Chugureti was first created as a German settlement, which is why the area looks more European than any other part of Tbilisi. The beautiful low-rise buildings of Aghmashenebeli avenue and Marjanishvili square make it a great place to have a walk and do some shopping. It is vibrant and full of life, thanks to the many restaurants, cafes and bars in the area. The Fabrika courtyard, a high-end hostel located in an old textile factory and surrounded by bars and local shops, attracts a lot of young locals and foreigners. It also has a coworking space. There are several great gyms in the area, and it is only 20 minnutes by foot to Station square, which hosts the biggest open market in Tbilisi.

Transport near Marjanishvili

Transport in and out of Chugureti is easy. Marjanishvili metro station is located right in the middle of the district, and there are several bus lines as well. From there, Rustaveli metro station is only 15-20 minutes by foot, and liberty square 30 minutes by foot.


There are a few schools in the Chugureti district.

From Kindergarten to High School

There are good school options in Chugureti, although they’re mostly in the public sector. For example, there the Helios Elementary School, School #26, School #63, School #30, School #150, and a few more. The same goes for nurseries.

Higher Education

There are two higher education institutions in Chugureti: Caucasus University and the theological King Tamar University.


Marjanishvili square: this square may be the most famous part in Chugureti. With it’s beautiful buildings illuminated at night, it really is a place to see in Tbilisi.
Fabrika: The Fabrika courtyard hosts a hostel (made by the Rooms Hotel owners), a coworking space, a lounge, several bars, a Georgian restaurant, a burger restaurant, a noodle bar, a café, barbershops, plant vendors, and more. Youngsters from Georgia and abroad gather there every night to have a drink and get some fun. Several entrepreneurial events are also held there.
Aghmashenebeli Avenue: crossing Marjanishvili square, Aghmashenebeli is a beautiful avenue with European-style buildings that are illuminated at night. It is a great place to have a walk.


Chugureti is a safe district. It is well-lit and stray dogs are friendly and harmless. You can walk alone by day or at night without problems. However, we suggest you avoid the coffees and shisha bars at the end of Marjanishvili Avenue, on the pedestrian part (you’ll recognize them with their colorful couches and waiters hailing you in the street) as they are infamously known for being tourist traps.

Restaurants and cafés

There are great restaurant in Chugureti and around Marjanishvili square.

Georgian restaurants

Puri Guliani, Barbarestan and Shavi Lomi are among the best rated Georgian restaurant in Tbilisi.

International restaurants

Here’s a list of a few great international restaurants in Chugureti:

  • Asian restaurants: Shio Ramen, Strada
  • Turkish restaurants: Sultan Sofrasi, Ankara Style Restaurant
  • Indian restaurant: Spice Garden
  • Italian restaurant: Pizza di Roma
  • American restaurants: Strada, fast food chains

There are also a lot of Turkish and middle-eastern restaurants and cafes in the area.

Cafes & Bars

Luca Polare and Entrée are two examples of great coffee shops in Chugureti. There are a few specialized coffee shops, Turkish cafes and great bars in the area. Also, BauHaus and Dive bar are right in front of Aghmashenebeli avenue, on the other side of the river Mtkvari. Moreover, the biggest club in Tbilisi (Bassiani) is located near Station square.

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