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Here is our list of carefully selected homes. They all match our strict criteria including their location, amenities and price. If you can’t find the perfect place within this list, let us know and we’ll search for the home you’ll love for free.

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How to Find Your Dream Home in Tbilisi

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Learn about Tbilisi’s neighborhoods

The best way to make sure your search is going in the right direction is to learn about the different neighborhoods in Tbilisi. It’s important to consider what it’s like to live in each neighborhood every day and not only what they are like as a tourist. That’s why when we visit a home with a client, we always show them around the area too.
Don’t know where to start? Have a look at our neighborhoods’ guides.

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Decide on a few criteria

Knowing what you want your new home to look like will make it easier for you to communicate your wishes to your agent. This will help him show you homes that are in line with your needs and wishes, and will make it easier for you to see if a particular home is a good fit and why.

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Always ask questions

Asking questions is how you’ll find out about the hidden gems of Tbilisi. Ask your friends or get involved in a Facebook expats’ community. Ask people to talk about their experiences. You may learn interesting information that will influence your home search.


Kristen headshot

Kristen, from Denmark

My wife and I had a dream of starting a new life in Tbilisi. Julie from Moving to Tbilisi helped make that dream a reality. We found an apartment in an ideal area we’re excited to call home. Nobody knows Tbilisi better than Julie’s team. They really listen to clients and go the extra mile with customer service, too.

Eddie headshot

Eddie, from the U.S.

I have moved 6 times in the last 25 years. Obviously, I’ve dealt with many agents both on the buying and selling side. I have to say that the Moving to Tbilisi team is by far the BEST real estate agency I’ve ever worked with, their professionalism, attention to detail, responsiveness and ability to close the deal was Outstanding!!!

Marina headshot

Marina, from Spain

It was such a pleasure working with Vassili from Moving to Tbilisi who seemed to have the answers to all our real estate questions. I would highly recommend him and his support team who made our apartment search so easy and painless. Thank you Vassili.

Anna headshot

Anna, from Moscow

The team at Moving to Tbilisi was super patient and explained everything I needed to know about renting an apartment in Tbilisi. They listened to my needs and matched me with the best homes in the area. When I was ready to sign the contract they guided me through the entire process. Thanks you!

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