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Cost of Living in Tbilisi, Georgia (2020 Updated Prices)

Tbilisi is one of the cheapest cities in the world. According to Numbeo’s cost of living ranking, the Georgian capital Tbilisi is ranked 407th out of 442 cities. That’s one of the reasons so many expats and digital nomads are considering Tbilisi as their next home.

How much does it cost to live in Tbilisi in 2020? Here is a detailed summary of the prices of commodities, rent, transportation, and other daily activities in Tbilisi.

Note: the prices below are expressed in USD.

Food Cost in Tbilisi

Food in markets and grocery stores is inexpensive. The fresh produce is particularly cheap: 1kg of apples costs only 2.35 GEL ($0.81). Fruits and vegetables are mostly local and in-season. The price for milk is around 3.5 GEL for a 1L pack ($1.21). Meat and dairy are fairly inexpensive too, with 9.32 GEL ($3.22) for 1kg of chicken breasts. But the cheapest food of all is bread: the price of one loaf of delicious Georgian bread is only 1 GEL or $0.35.

Imported foods like alternative milk and European cheeses are more expensive and often cost as least as much as in their country of origin. For example, a bottle of soy milk costs around 9-12 GEL, which is equal to $3-$4.15.

Cigarettes may not be food, but they’re a part of daily life for some of us so we will also address them in this category. Cigarettes aren’t taxed as much as in other countries so they are very cheap. A pack of 20 cigarettes costs about 6 GEL or $2.1.

Vegetables in a supermarket in Tbilisi

Food prices in Tbilisi

  • Fruits and vegetables: $0.3 – $1.75/kg
  • Alcohol: Beer starts from $2/l. Wine starts from $5.25/l.
  • Milk: $1.21/l
  • Meat: $3.22 /kg (chicken), $5.25/kg (beef)
  • Cigarettes: $2.1 (pack of 20).

Rent Cost in Tbilisi

If you come to live in Tbilisi, you’ll probably rent a place at first. Rent varies greatly depending on the area. In the suburbs, where flats are outdated and not comfortable, you can easily find a place for $150. In districts where most expats live that are closer to the center (like Saburtalo, Avlabari, Vake, and Mtatsminda) the price of a 1-bedroom, 2 rooms apartment starts at $250. It can go as high as $600 in the most prestigious areas.
These prices are given supposing you rent the place for at least 1 year. Short-term rentals’ prices can be higher.

Tbilisi, Georgia, view on houses

Rent prices in Tbilisi

  • Studio in a central area: $200 – $560
  • 1-bedroom apartment in a central area: $250 -$600
  • 2-bedroom apartment in a central area: $300 – $900

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Cost of Activities in Tbilisi

From sports to nightclubs and delicious restaurants, you can do lots of activities in Tbilisi. Georgian restaurants offer the best food at a very inviting price. You could easily pay as little as 15 GEL ($5.18) per person for a huge meal at a Georgian restaurant. For European or more luxurious restaurants, expect to pay 30 GEL per person (still a very low $10.36). And if you’re feeling fancy and want to eat in the most prestigious place in Tbilisi, you’ll pay around 60 GEL ($20.73!) per person.
You’ll find good fitness clubs almost everywhere in Tbilisi. Except for the most upscale ones, you’ll pay around $30 for a monthly fitness pass.
There are several cinemas in Tbilisi and they all frequently show movies in English (sometimes with Georgian subtitles). A cinema ticket costs between 10 GEL and 17 GEL ($3.45 – $5.87) depending on the film and time of the show.

People clubbing in Tbilisi

Activities prices in Tbilisi

  • Restaurants: 15 GEL ($5.18) per person (average restaurant)
  • Fitness Club: $30 per month
  • Cinema: $5 per ticket

Transportation Cost in Tbilisi

Public transportation in Tbilisi is very cheap: each ride costs 0.5 GEL ($0.17) and is valid on the whole bus and metro network for 1.5 hours. There are only two metro lines, but it comes frequently and can get you to almost everywhere in Tbilisi except for the Vake district.
Taxis are cheap too, especially when you use the local Uber equivalents (Yandex Taxi and Bolt). You can basically drive from one extremity of Tbilisi to the other and pay only 15 GEL ($5.18).

Tbilisi, Didube metro station

Transportation prices in Tbilisi

  • Public transport: $0.17 per ride
  • Taxi: $0.3 per km

Clothes Cost in Tbilisi

In Tbilisi, you have the choice between two types of clothes: the cheap ones that you will find in open-air markets, and the more expensive ones in malls and shops. All the major western brands are present in Tbilisi, such as Zara, H&M, NewYorker, Mango, Gap, Pull&Bear, and more. Clothes from western brands are often almost as expensive than in their country of origin.
A summer dress in a chain store (such as Zara or H&M) will cost you around 107.52 GEL or $37.6. You can find a low-quality pair of shoes for 20 GEL ($7), while a good quality one can cost you 300 GEL ($105) or more.

Clothes store in Tbilisi

Clothes prices in Tbilisi

  • Basic t-shirt (western brand): $6-$20
  • Basic pair of shoes (western brand): $30-$50
  • Basic jeans (western brand): $25-$50

Childcare and School Cost in Tbilisi

If you want to enroll your child in a private or international school in Tbilisi, you’ll have several ones to choose from. There’s a German school, a British school, an American school, a French school, and many others.
Tuition fees for an international primary school are around $3000 per year. A private kindergarten will cost you around $132 per month.
You could also send your child to a public school, but the curriculum is entirely in Georgian and you’ll have to discuss it with the school yourself as very little information is available online.

Girls at school in Tbilisi

Childcare and school prices in Tbilisi

  • Kindergarten (private): $132 per month
  • Primary school (private): $3000/year

Health Care Cost in Tbilisi

Healthcare in Tbilisi is quite cheap. For example, comprehensive health insurance coverage would cost you no more than $400 a year. Treating a cavity at the dentist costs around 100 GEL ($35) and a visit at the general practitioner is around $15-$20. Flu vaccination costs around $15.

Sthetoscope in a hospital in Georgia

Healthcare prices in Tbilisi

  • Health insurance: $400/year
  • Visit at the general practitioner (without insurance): $15-$20
  • Treating a cavity (without insurance): $35
  • Flu vaccine (without insurance): $15

Average Monthly Cost of Living in Tbilisi, Georgia

All in all, the average monthly cost of living in Tbilisi is $400 + rent ($800 with rent) for a single person. A family of four would spend on average $1.400 per month + rent ($2000 with rent).

Summary of the prices in Tbilisi

Here is a recapitulative table of the prices of food, activities, commodities and more in Tbilisi in 2020. Prices are expressed in USD.

Average monthly cost of living in Tbilisi (1 person) $400
Fruits & vegetables $0.3 – $1.75/kg
Alcohol Beer starts from $2/l. Wine starts from $5.25/l
Milk $1.21/l
Meat $3.22 /kg (chicken), $5.25/kg (beef)
Cigarettes $2.1 (pack of 20)
Studio in a central area $200 – $560/month
1-bedroom apartment in a central area $250 -$600/month
2-bedroom apartment in a central area $300 – $900/month
Average restaurant $5.18 per person
Fitness Club $30 per month
Cinema $5 per ticket
Public transport $0.17 per ride
Taxi $0.3 per km
Basic t-shirt (western brand) $6-$20
Basic pair of shoes (western brand) $30-$50
Basic jeans (western brand) $25-$50
Kindergarten (private) $132 per month
Primary school (private) $3000/year
Visit at the family doctor (private clinic) $15-$20
Treating a cavity (private clinic) $35
Flu vaccine $15
Health insurance $400 / year

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