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10 reasons you should live in Tbilisi, Georgia

You’ve probably heard of Georgia as a beautiful country that is great to live in. But it’s hard to decide whether or not to move to a country based on tourists’ or friends’ opinions. What is it about Georgia that makes it such a great place to live and why should you move to Tbilisi, Georgia?

1# The cost of living in Tbilisi is low

Person putting money in a piggy bank

One of the most attractive features of Tbilisi is the cost of living. Tbilisi is ranked 412th out of 461 cities on Numbeo’s cost of living index, which places it among the cheapest cities in the world. A single person would spend on average $800 USD per month, rent included. Without rent, you would spend only $400 per month!

2# Tbilisi is a dynamic city

Tbilisi is a lively city with a growing community of digital nomads and a vibrant startup scene. There are many activities to do, from restaurants, theaters, and museums to masterclasses, expat gatherings, and digital nomad events.

3# Getting a visa for Georgia is easy

US passport on a map

Georgia has a very friendly visa policy. The visa-free regime allows citizens from a lot of countries to stay and work in Georgia for one year without any visa or permit. Once that year is over, you can leave the country and come back the next day for another year!

4# Georgia is business-friendly

Business man with a thumb up

Do you know how long it takes to open a business in Georgia? Only 2 days. It costs less than $100 USD and can be done very easily, even if you don’t have a Georgian passport. Business taxes are 15% while personal income taxes are 20%. However, if you are a small business, you can be taxed as low as 1% or even 0% in some cases.

5# Tbilisi has an amazing nature

Tbilisi botanical garden's waterfall

It is not common for a city to have a natural waterfall in its center. Yet, that’s one of the amazing landscapes you’ll witness in Tbilisi. With 3 lakes, 1 funicular and 2 cable cars, the Georgian capital will offer you views of nature you would never have dreamed of. The rest of the country is also full of gorgeous landscapes.

6# Tbilisi is the heart of Georgia’s ancient culture and history

Narikala fortress in Tbilisi

Tbilisi has tons of historical monuments, architectural ruins and other places that reflect its millennial culture. On the same street, you could walk past a church from the 6th century, the ruins of the old city wall and prestigious buildings from the communist era. Just a few kilometers away, you can also reach Mtskheta, the old Georgian capital, a lovely town with amazing landscapes and centuries-old monasteries.

7# You will be welcomed by the amazing Georgian people

Georgian people are known for their hospitality. To them, a guest is a gift from God, and they will do everything they can to make you feel welcome. Georgians are very friendly and nice in general, and they’re very easy to become friends with.

8# Freedom & safety

Georgia is a very safe country. It is safer than many western countries, including Germany, France, or the US. Crime is not a big issue here, and in the unlikely case that something should happen, people show great solidarity and always help those in need.
Foreigners living in Georgia always mention that what they love about it is freedom. In the streets of Tbilisi, you’ll see people from all horizons: nuns covered in black clothes, young people with bright pink or blue hair and revealing clothes, girls with cat ears hairbands or flower crowns. There is no social pressure to conform to a certain standard and you can be yourself freely.

9# The weather in Tbilisi is nice weather all year round

The weather is also an important aspect to mention. In Tbilisi the weather is nice all year round:

  • Winter is soft, with an average of 5-10°C. The lowest temperatures are 0°C or sometimes -3 or 4 at night during January. It almost never rains, and very rarely snows.
  • Spring is a beautiful season, with flowers blooming and landscapes becoming greener. It rains a lot more during spring than any other season.
  • Summer is hot and dry, with temperatures that can reach 35-40°C.
  • Autumn is the driest season (with winter). The city takes beautiful golden tones and it stays quite warm (above 20°C) until November.

Overall, Tbilisi has a dry and sunny climate.

10# Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia

Living in Tbilisi also means that you’ll have the opportunity to visit the rest of Georgia. This country is full of natural and historical wonders and you’ll make the envy of all your family and friends. By car or by mini-bus, you can access the whole country very easily and enjoy yourself at every season: from ski resorts in the winter to mountain passes in the summer, there’s everything you need for a lifetime… and more!

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