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The Georgian Housing Market

Renting a property in Georgia can be very easy. It can also be a real headache.

  • Many landlords don’t speak English well, and some of them will try to inflate the prices when they are in front of a foreigner.
  • If you go through an agent, it will most likely be the landlord’s friend who is managing a few properties for his relatives on the weekend. Even with professional agents, you’ll deal with a lot of uncertainty and unpreparedness.
  • Most homes in Georgia are old and outdated. Hopefully, there are a few places that have been well renovated and that are comfortable according to western standards. But they’re hard to find.
  • New buildings are either very far from the city center and low-quality, or they’re at least twice as expensive as the older buildings.

Finding a beautiful, well-located home in Tbilisi for a good price is possible. But it’s very hard to do when you don’t know the city, the language, and the market from the inside.

Why Choose Us

As agents, we will help you find the right home, at the right price. Here’s how.

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Apartments selection

Our expat-friendly apartments are carefully selected for their location, amenities and price. We curate the best homes in the city so you can live in a cozy, comfy place while being close to the places that matter to you.

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Home Tours

We take you on a tour of the properties that match your requirements. We show you around the neighborhood and help you communicate with the landlord. We deal with the contract and make sure everything is legally verified.

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Property research

If you can’t find a place you like in our apartments’ selection, we will look for another place for you. We’ll meet so you can tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do the research to find the home you’ll love.

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It’s free

You’ll never have to pay for our agent services. We take a commission when we help landlords find a tenant, but your rent price is NOT influenced by this commission. By letting us do the work, you’ll pay the same price than if you had done it yourself. You’ll even save money by letting us do the negotiations.

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Relocation services for expats, by expats

Our team is made of expats who left their home country to live in Tbilisi. We know the struggles of moving to Georgia and we’ve been through every situation you will encounter. We know what it’s like, and we’re here to make it easier for you. From moving your stuff, to getting your visa and opening your business, we’re here to help you through all the steps of your relocation.

Experts for every situation

Legal paperwork, finding the right home, learning the local culture… We are all experts in our field and we tap into our network of highly qualified professionals when needed. You will interact with only one of us, but behind the scenes, there will be a whole team supporting you and every single one of your needs.

Quality is our core value

Whether you move often or it’s your first time, your relocation to Tbilisi will have a big impact on your life. That’s why we want to make sure everything goes right from start to finish. We only work with highly qualified professionals and select our landlords carefully. Then, we verify everything ourselves to make sure it meets our quality standards.

Reliable agents

We always verify all the properties we advertise in person. This way, there’s no surprise when you come and visit the flat. You’ll get exactly what you’ve asked for and nothing less. Also, to make sure your lease goes peacefully, we carefully select the landlords we choose to work with and ensure the contract and paperwork are done properly.

Ready to move?

From finding your dream home to settling in, we help you start your new life in Tbilisi.

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